Chai Sutta & Radio (Tea,Cigarette & Radio)

Live demo

All major IT hubs have small Tea stalls near them in India. These tiny shops play local Radio channels & sell Tea & Cigarette to programmers working in IT firms.

Inspired by memories of the past I Made a radio using internet streams. This radio can play 10+ Indian & International Radio channels.

My first plan was to allow changing the radio station by rotating knobs but then I realize that will be complicated for users.

So I decide to keep the controls simple. I added 3D buttons to Play/Pause the stream & change the channel. Then I allowed the user to click on the Volume knob to reduces the volume. Likewise Clicking on Frequency knob will changes channels. You can still rotate volume & frequency knobs though.

Ps.Speaker vibrates when the radio is playing.

Tech showcase: PBR Material, Perlin Noise for animated Flag, Smoke using Particle System, action manager.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Maybe actual buttons on the radio, a.k.a “radio buttons” :grin:


Wow this is COOL! I love atmospheric demos, beautiful. Mind if I ask around what years the memories came from? :slight_smile:

Although I come from the land down-under, when I was studying at Uni a few years ago I used to love frequenting the cafes around the area and sipping on a piping hot chai while I got my stuff done.

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I also come from the land down under. The year was 2012. It was right after graduation when I just started working as a trainee engineer. Working late at night and drinking lots of tea in a tiny shop next to the building was a daily ritual. I was making $ 200-300 a month, that was not enough but I had lots of real friends; I was happy & full of hopes.


I hope you’re still happy and full of hopes! Love the aesthetic you’ve painted there, I’ve similarly got fond memories of times with little money, but a lot of great friends/work.

I know they sort of fell out of fashion around the early 2000’s, but I always loved the 3D interactive versions of desktops, radios, etc. Ok they were always bloated and usually bundled with adware, but they were nice.

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Me too. Good old days life was simple back then.

Wow great! I cant remember the last time I saw something homepageworthy.