Changing the opacity for a part of a mesh / scene

I have a model for a floor plan of a building. Usual the floor can be divided into 4 sections.
My question is can I make a section of this floor semi-opaque so I can give the impression that that section is disabled/occupied without splitting de model in 3DMax?
I was thinking of creating like a transparent cube over the desired section that will make that part of the model more transparent so that it will appear as it is disabled.

Any ideas?

Hi @theblackneko and welcome to the forum. Apologies for the wait. Without splitting of some form it will not be possible, each section needs to be distinguishable from the others.

MultiMaterials might be a possibility Use Multi-Materials - Babylon.js Documentation

There is still time for those with more expertise to be around.

if its usually divided into 4 sections why not just have them be 4 separate planes and toggle their opacity?

Beware with the multi-material sample:

sphere.subMeshes.push(new BABYLON.SubMesh(0, 0, verticesCount, 0, 900, sphere));

That will add 2 sub meshes: the new ... already adds the submesh to the sphere.

Iā€™m going to update the doc and the PG.

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