Check Two Euler Rotation Values Match

Hi all!

It’s not a great demo like the others bring.
But I just made a simple app to check if two euler rotation values are equal or not.

I made this one because I was so confused that a mesh with rotation (Math.PI, 0, Math.PI) rotates as same as the mesh with rotation (0, Math.PI, 0) does.

If there is someone like me, try this! :smiley:


This is great if you ask me :smiley:

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0 = 3.14 = 6.28 with rotations if that helps at all?

So assumingly you can do rotation - (Math.floor(rotation / 3.14) * 3.14)

to all your rotations whenever the value changes to keep them in a 0 - Pi Range

Then you wont have to worry about seeing different numbers.


Thanks, @Deltakosh!
@Pryme8 Thank you for your advice!

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