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How to use playground with encrypted code

  1. Rename your “createScene” function into “createSceneEncrypted”
  2. Goto and encrypt your code
  3. paste the encryption

A calculated light source and a sphere made up with only a single points cloud system:



Yep, going to steal the effect :joy:

No, all your effects… :sunglasses: Now seriously I think I could use the first one in my next demo.
Thanks for sharing!

Do you mean the “atmosphere bubble”?

I would do almost anything for a freshly tapped glass of beer. :smiley: I have encrypted my source code to be able to offer it to a select audience. One have to qualify first. You are more than qualified enough in my opinion. :slight_smile:

I saw your examples on my phone only, will check the encryption in a minute on a PC

I definitelly love the obfuscation stuff!

Cool beer or cool name? … hmm… in these hot days… a cool beer please! :slight_smile:

The thing with the ftp-access… Let’s see how it will go on in my job. Maybe we will find a possibility of cooperation with you and some other ninjas in this forum? The addion of the forces in a synergy doesn’t add up, it potentiates. We could build up giant projects. At the moment I’m quite satisfied with my position. There are stressful situations here and there, but most of the time I like my work as a … attention: developer in an ERP system. I used to love c++, but in the meantime the language has become so complicated. I like the simple. I like a code slice without having to put a semicolon at the end. :smiley:

Cool everything :smiley:
What is your favourite beer?

Don’t worry about VB.NET, I was working for a year and a half as VB6 developer 2 years ago. I believe, I won this battle :smiley: :smiley:



Hey guys, I didn’t linked to this site the forum does it automatically! :-/ not funny. not my opinion.

I am getting lost in this communication :smiley:

EDIT: Now I get it, I’ve clicked the link… It actually seems like a VB page though

Sorry for the turbulence. I often think asynchronously and my answers get mixed up.

Better the turbulence here than on an airplane. :white_flag: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What about giving some colors to the pixels?

Just to satisfy my curiosity, what the purpose to encrypt code in a tool made for sharing code? :yum:


color motion picture without dolby surround but open sourced

This one is really beautiful! Love the effects you’re making here. One thing I do like about the Babylon Playground is that it’s usually really easy for others to learn from your code, remix it, and build their own creations. But I can definitely understand wanting to keep some things close to the chest. Great work :slight_smile:

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Deobfuscated for fun


How do you did that magic? :grinning:

I think, babylon namespace makes it easy

The truth

My sincere thanks to you for your honesty.
I like being disappointed.because that means I have been living a lie.