Cloud Procedural texture

Hi everyone,

I tried the Cloud Procédural texture ton include some clouds to my skies and i don’t know if it could be possible to change the “cloud intensity” (more or less clouds in the sky).

Thanks for your answers.


Here’s a PR that will let you change the number of octaves and the amplitude of the clouds:

With the default values (numOctaves=4, amplitude=1):

With numOctaves=5, amplitude=1.1:

The PG (will only work when the PR is merged):


Thanks very much, it must be the solution. Can you give me the min/max values because i think that it does not change much. I hoped that i could make a sky with almost no clouds and a sky with many clouds.

numOctaves would be something like 1…8 and amplitude between 0 and 2.


Thanks very much.