Commission for "stealth fighter" custom shape made out of vertices

I tried to do this myself and I almost lost my mind (lost it!!!), with a ribbon mesh.

Can anybody make that ^ for dollars with a small number of vertices?

Doesn’t even have to be exactly like this, just ballpark.

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Do you need the texture too or just the geometry?

Just geometry.

Any specific format?

Create Custom Meshes From Scratch | Babylon.js Documentation ← I mean I just wante to use a custom mesh like so, small number of vertices very lightweight.

Do you have some specific reason for wanting it that way ? There is nothing stopping it from being low poly model that you load normally.

Also without having a traditional UV layout, there is no sane way to texture a code generated mesh like that with specific textures like you have there as an example.

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If you are absolutely certain after reading @br-matt 's comment you want it like that I can have someone whip you up something pretty quickly


I think that I just want to use materials and decals (I think you can use decals on a custom shape without crazily limiting performance (?)), if that’s the case, down for a custom shape.

Otherwise, would be happy to use a model if necessary.

Here’s a gltf, obj, and a js file with with the custom mesh. Hope this helps! ^-^

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Aaaand there she is ^-^

sorry I am super behind!!! @Zoey3D THANK YOU, I’ll take a look at this today!

finally got around to looking at this. it’s wonderful! I might a slight modification and flattened and extended the shape.

now I’m trying to get it in my scene (having some weird scaling problems)

once I get it in and put it in the swarm, I’ll post a video

thank you!

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