Configuring Material from CG Trader

I got a model from CG Trader and trying to figure out how to configure the material.
The model (an .obj and .mtl file) came with PNG texture files for

  • Base Color → material.diffuseTexture
  • Metallic
  • Normal
  • Occlusion Roughness Metallic
  • Opacity → material.opacityTexture
  • Roughness
    I create a material with the diffuseTexture and opacityTexture but it is not correct. How do I apply the other textures to make the material work?

Are you able to open the model in some DCC tool and does it open correctly (with materials and textures)?
What is happening if you would drop all model files into Sandbox?

The diffuse texture is applied in an incorrect orientation - even when I open up in the sandbox.

You may try to apply to texture in Sandbox texture.vScale = -1;
texture.uScale = -1;
Another possible solution is to reverse the scaling of the root node around the appropriate axis - like
new BABYLON.Vector3(-1, 1, 1)

What do you see in Blender (as I suppose you use it)?

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