Cool hidden examples

:slight_smile: I remember making this, I still gotta do the Quad Render for that…
Somebody might get something out of this…

Add a platform, player spawn, goal ect then hit play.
Controls are wsad for movement and arrows for camera.

This is from a long time ago so things have prolly changed quite a bit within BJS… but somebody might find some use.

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Example basic space shooter…

I’ve got a bunch more that I need to fix and upload…


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Scene of Ocean and sunset with Shark and Ship with couple of seagulls flying around. I have used spatial effect in sound by attaching sound to Mesh

Demo: Hitesh Sahu

I have used Babylon post processing for Ocean. But since ocean post processor is not optimized for mobile devices so I have used Perlin Noise for Mobile phones.


Another one where I have used Ammo Js plugin to show relative mass & size of solar system planets:


Demo: Hitesh Sahu


I will try to build that, I hope Babylon can handle vertices of supergiant stars.

Insights into the work and projects of a computer scientist

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Nice sense of humour :slightly_smiling_face:
The weather reports are not connected yet?

Could always go sans-vertices and do raymarched stars.

Unfinished Cinematics movements at Glowing City :slight_smile:
Don’t go too close to the lava sphere or camera will stuck due to the total imperfection of code…

Most interesting effect - with barrier material


Code here:Website/build/Scenes/WorldMonger at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub


AWARD - best futuristic city cinematic. :1st_place_medal:

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Not necessary futuristic, anyway it will be stylized in some way. Most important here is to achieve “city experience”.
As for my unfinished scene is made from some free 3D model with wrong material settings so it is mainly white after import.
I don’t have DCC tools at current computer, but after some material tweakings the model looks more like a city.
One of my goals was to check: is it possible to achieve ‘city experience’ with such simple means. For my opinion, it is possible. Skybox gives quite realistic sky feeling; FPS are good; if you don’t need the whole model at once it is possible to render just currently necessary meshes or use for the distant view fake building textures on billboards etc.
To achieve highly realistic view one need to work a lot with textures, lighting etc, but for more simple cases even simple coloring could be enough - it depends on the level of stylization (or branding). I suppose it would be possible to achieve interesting results and good performance with Node materials.
The initial camera position is inside some diner. Actually, even without camera moving there is some city feeling - you are inside some neat place, at the table, looking to the city streets. We can use this feeling and build 3D Food and Delivery service online. Below is the classical example - but now, with the help of Babylon.js and other modern technologies, there is no problem to make it visually nicer and to connect it with the real world.


Developing this thought further, is it possible to make a service for booking - restaurant tables, theatre seats etc - where the chosen position defines some parameters; in this case you can put the camera to the chosen object’s position and give a look (from the seat to the future show etc).
Or develop a kind of 3D menu with possibility to order online; fast-food allows a decent percentage of stylization so it could be a big fun with particle soups, meshes of the day etc.
Or to build check-in service and connect it with social networks - so that every table in 3D cafe would have some history: who was here and when etc.
Or, on higher level of abstraction, to build a 3D city where all buildings would be real working services or companies (without voxels because they hurt visual feeling)…


Just some fishes under and above water (in Watermaterial RenderList)


My first mirror-generator - in progress.

The only real object is that in the middle of the circle which is the real world.


If the real object would be outside the reality (inner circle) then the mirrored objects would look like this:

The mirroring gets a bit complicated if the real object has mirror surfaces! :slight_smile:
But that’s the next challange.


Mirrorroom of a cube mirrored from a sphere. Stage 1: only mirror the real cube.

Stage 2: mirror the mirrored cubes, too:


There flies quiet dust in the all and a lonely planet orbits around the center of the universe silently and for ever…