Create a box with irregular top and bottom surface

I found some dynamic underground example but geological pieces. It’s something like a box with dynamic generated top/bottom “curved” surface rather than plane.
I found an interesting pg which really similar to the above requirements.
It works for its topmost curved surface but the bottom one. I have tried but not done it.

Any clue or examples can be shared to make a way? thanks a lot.

This is a question for @PirateJC

There’s a video on youtube about this PG (4) Procedural Terrain using the Raw Texture feature - YouTube


Thanks. I’m working on this video.

Wonderful work and the explanation is more believed. I also gained a lot althought I was not so familiar with node material editors. Now I got the intended box but seems I failed to apply a jpg/png material on the box.

I Working on how to do that on NodeMaterial later.


@ykcmmc how is your progress on learning this going? I hope the YouTube video provided everything you need to create this effect successfully?

Sure, it is.
I am competedly working through the video details. As a freshman the powerful functionality of nme surprised me. Be in learning and trying, I will show my progress weeks later.