Create Rubber band

Hi, I want to create a rubber band using Babylon any suggestions on how to develop that.

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A physics engine with a spring joint would probably come in handy:

Joints | Babylon.js Documentation (

If you are asking about visuals - there are better people than me for that :slight_smile:

Hi Raanan, I have attached the picture below of how it should look like and it should also have elastic behivour.

Let s summon @PatrickRyan for this part as like @RaananW I am definitely not good at art :slight_smile:

@Anto_Richard, if you need the rubber band to react to non-deterministic types of motion, you would need to go with a physics approach like @RaananW mentioned above. However, if you know the range and extents of the motion that is repeatable, then I would go with a rigged mesh and let the skin weights handle the mesh deformation based on the joint movement.

For example, if you were making a sling shot, rigging the bands to a skeleton will allow them to stretch to follow the joint pulling the sling shot back. You can either animate the skeleton joints to create repeatable and accurate motion that does not do unexpected things like penetrating other meshes. Or you could add procedural motion to the skeleton joint to add randomness into the motion.

As for the render, this looks like a simple material and could either be a standard material using spec/gloss or you could go with the more powerful PBR metallic roughness material. Either will do the same, but if you want to use IBL in conjunction with your punctual lights, you will need to use PBR.

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question or if you have others.