Creating Asset tree for reuse in multiple scenes

I’m trying to cache the creation of some computationally expensive assets for reuse within various scenes / canvases on our site.

The assets consist of a series of transform nodes and meshes in a hierarchy. And I want to be able to instantiate these trees on multiple different canvases on our site.

I have tried a number of different approaches, but keep hitting roadblocks. Any help on the general approach would be appreciated because I think I must be missing something.

I can’t really demonstrate in the playground since there is only one canvas, but I have tried to communicate my intent with the following example:

Ideally I would like to avoid creating the first scene and just create the assets for use independently but I understand that a dummy scene is required to create the assets.

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community!

Can you elaborate a bit more on the roadblocks, please? What kind of issues are you having?

Perhaps this example shows what I am trying to do a little more.

Ideally I want to define a tree of nodes in a shared file that can be reused by multiple scenes. I’m not sure why this example doesn’t work.