Creating Tables of 250 Meshes and CheckBox without using advanceddynamictexture

How can I create a list of Meshes as a table and be able to use checkbox for mesh visibility and other functions without using advanceddynamictexture (it seems to be taxing a lot ) Thanks

Well, I guess you could use a dom element (an html gui).
I’m not sure though that the ADT ‘taxes a lot’ simply because you would have a list with checkboxes.
Though I never tried a list of 250, I have to admit (did you give it a try?)

  1. I tried creating a table and adding to the HTML document
    var table = document.createElement(“table”);

but the table is not visible unless you open developer tools.

I tried with a scroll viewer (it is ADT solution) still working on that.


Really. Is this BJS only or from react? I suppose you must be missing a piece there. I don’t quite understand why opening the dev tools would make the layer visible automagically. Unless it does it also when you refresh (i.e. rescale the window/canvas)? You wouldn’t have a PG to share?

You probably need to style your element with CSS. You could also use the Babylon Inspector The Inspector | Babylon.js Documentation (