Crowd agents bug? feature?
I was expecting an agent to avoid other agents in their path, at least when they are in separate crowds. Is there any way for an agent to act as an obstacle? I mean to take agent position (stationary or moving) in mind while moving on path, and not just sliding on the model till, eventually, pass him.


avoidance works with agents that belong to the same crowd. agents from 1 crowd won’t see agent from another.
That said, you can have different parameters for making ‘obstacle’ agents with acceleration and speed set to 0. And add those ‘obstacle’ agents to the same crowd as moveable ones.

red - default path
green - recalculated

I was talking about this. If there is another agent in the moving agent path, the agent will just slide on the bounding box until it gets further. Instead, if there is an agent in the way, recalculate the path so the agents won’t collide (like in every other game). You can easily reproduce this in playground if the moving path is 90deg on on side of the bounding box. Can’t really explain this. Maybe a video later…

At the moment, we don’t support obstacles (the recast way). That’s something I can try to add the coming weeks.
So, for now, the only work around is to use static agents.

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Yes, even as non moving agents (obstacles). If an agent is completely blocking a path the moving agent will still try to go through the agent instead of recalculating the path.

green terrain, red walls and blue agent blocking path… This i was trying to explain

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yes, I understand. I’ll do my best to support obstacles after 4.2 release.