Curved panorama distortion is all we need

If you are developing any game with a first-person view and open terrain, consider this perspective distortion.

I don’t know what it’s called correctly, but I’ve never met it in games - I think it’s cool.

Can this be implemented in BabylonJS?

For example, I want to show a profile sheet with an edge forward, but so that it bends up in the background:

I tried to apply LensRenderingPipeline, but this is not exactly what is required.

Guide me please

Hi @Vladimir_V_Bauklien - @RaananW worked on the 360 video and “fish eye” view, maybe he’ll have an idea?

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Do you want the entire view to be modified by this distortion, or just this specific mesh?

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@RaananW, just mesh - imported with .obj like this one: