Custom camera input 2 inputs down at the same time (solved) overwrite elipsoide?

i have been reading for custum camera input
something like this should be a part of it
if (this.customkey.indexOf(keyCode) !== -1) {
camera.position.x += this.sensibility;
} but when adding a && this.ckeys.indexOf(keyCode) !== -1 it should trigger when both have a key down but instead it ingores the entire thing but when added a || for example it works just fine
is this a bug maybe? as im new to this not sure if this is intended
see as a sample
i tried make a third input combing the e and the right one but using a && and then the second input group gave no rsult while || worked perfect

Well this PG works right? (Or I may have missed something :slight_smile: )

can you highlight in the code what is not working?

its solved by a booleon already but can you tell how i could overwrite the elipsoid to chance the size?
as = new whont do it creating a new one everytime right?
and what wasn’t working was this
if (this.customkey.indexOf(keyCode) !== -1 && this.ckeys.indexOf(keyCode) !== -1) {
//my function

Not sure to get the question about the ellipsoid :slight_smile:
Can you elaborate?