Datasmith Importer

I’m wanting to implement a Datasmith Importer - udatasmith → babylon.js

I have created a javascript class and have managed to read the entire xml file, and have almost completed reading all of the .udsmesh files.

Now i need to work out what info is required for me to create the babylon.js objects !

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Hey @chrisdiphoorn

First and foremost, welcome to the Babylon family! It’s a pleasure to have you join our community!

I’m not super familiar with Datasmith, but it sounds like a super fun project. Very interesting.

You’ll have to keep everyone posted on how it progresses.

You’ll likely want to reference this doc at some point to build custom meshes in Babylon:

Good luck and seriously keep us posted! And again, welcome to the family!

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This sounds like an awesome project! I’m sure that a lot of people would appreciate something like this because it opens up easier access to a bunch of UE assets. It might be good to also check out some of the specs for the .babylon format or the .gltf specs as those are the two formats that Babylon.js works with.

In any case, you should totally keep everyone up to date on this as it would be an awesome addition.

it is really for importing revit models. i thought would be easier to import datasmith as this is what im trying to create an alternative to unreal…?
We have a a team of drafters and unreal devs who are building architect house models. i want a way to view these houses without unreal and streaming etc…
what im really heading for a not to replace unreal but have a way the users just bring up a simple revit house view in a browser! - Autodesk already have a web viewer, so something similar to this?

i’m just not up to scratch on the 3d world and how everything fits into place like the jigsaw it seems to be…
your site is showing me some side to it at least.

Im having to reverse engineer the unreal c++ code, but that opens up another can of worms :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway almost there, i just need to work out what data i need to get and what i dont need to bother with?