DDS Cubemap Textures Prefiltered Or Filtered

Hey guys… When i generate a DDS for enviroment using Cubemap Filter Tools… When i load the BABYLON.CubeTexture using (Babylon.Entities) … What should filtered and prefiltered be set to… Also if i generate an .env of the dds for compression and load that env instead… what should filtered and prefiltered be set to ???

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I can’t see a filter parameter to the CubeTexture constructor, only a prefiltered parameter.

You should set this parameter to true if your data are prefiltered data, meaning data ready to be used as an environment texture (meaning(2) data generated from IBL baker, LYS or from the new Babylon IBL generator or by drag&dropping a .hdr file to the sandbox and saving the result as a .env file).

So, for a dds file, it depends on what the data inside this file are (it could be prefiltered data or regular image data), but for a .env file you should always set prefiltered to true because those files always contain prefiltered data. You can also use the helper function CubeTexture.CreateFromPrefilteredData which takes less parameters than the CubeTexture constructor.

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