DefaultRenderingPipeline in v6.3.0

Sorry for lack of repro as I caught this very late, very tired plus its a friday. Just quick posting to ask if there were any breaking changes in v6.3.0 to DefaultRenderingPipeline. The below ss is from my dev seedborn build using npm update for @babylonjs/core and @babylonjs/materials. I stepped thru the update from v5.57 all the way to v6.3.0 and caught it.

The visual artifact is from the field after it spawned and mouse-over to trigger

cMat.diffuseColor = Color3.White();
cMat.diffuseTexture.level = 1.5;

The green saturated artifact is from the terrain, if I switch off terrain material, it becomes overblown white artifact.

If I switch off my DefaultRenderingPipeline, everything is fine.

My live server is still on v5.57 if you need verification.

That looks like a bug to me, if you can provide a live link we could have a look asap.

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nvm, I just saw this:

Add option to material cloning to not clone the same texture multiple times - [Breaking Change] by carolhmj (#13807)

but the doc is showing

Optional cloneTexturesOnlyOnce: boolean
if a texture is used in more than one channel (e.g diffuse and opacity), only clone it once and reuse it on the other channels. Default false.

Just tested on my dev build and verified the change from
baseClone.material = base.material.clone("_mat");
baseClone.material = base.material.clone("_mat", false);
will fix the visual artifact.

Leaving it here for anyone who runs into the same problem. :slight_smile: