Deform, bending a mesh

how it is possible to bend / deform a given mesh at defined edges on it?

Here is a example mesh with bending edges and their bending zones.

So i understand, it maybe possible with skeletons and bones.
Or is it possible to generate a bending simulation with a physic system?

What i want is to bend at the marked edges with a given angle.

Hope you are have any ideas.

may paper folding mechanisms can help

Thanks for your quick answer.

You handle with two separate meshes. In my case i have only one mesh.
Other Question:
Is it possible to split one mesh at the given bendinglines in a set of meshes?

I found a possible solution to split a mesh i a set of meshes:

I think i givve that a try together with your paper folding solution.


… and if you want to merge the sliced meshes again together:

You can use a morphTarget Use Morph targets - Babylon.js Documentation
Would just require the end result mesh be created. One thing to remember - A morph target must be built from a mesh with the EXACT same number of vertices as the original mesh.