Diamon Shader for NME

Hello Community,

i search one who can create a shader in babylon node material editor.
Looks like this: https://www.meisterschmuck.de/shop/trauringe/trauringe-gelbgold-112.8837.003-31.html?initial_ring=6ea7d50e3b1a1420bf5dd104e7862807

Let me know who has Interest and can deliver this quality

best regards

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Oh i think i was not telling write what i want :slight_smile:

I need the " Diamond Shader " like under the link what i post. How can i make this Shader or Illusion for the Diamond ( Brilliant ). ? Who can Help and what is the Price to make this shader for me?

I was trying but i dont know is this the right way: Babylon.js Node Material Editor
and here is the 3D Brillant file:

I am not good with shaders, but for anyone willing to take the challenge I found some maybe useful resource: here

Sounds like an amazing project. let us know how it goes.

hey i enjoy from this challenge i will try

https://nme.babylonjs.com/#WZSND6#5 transparent



the shaderbuilder link https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1F17BQ#97


Excuse me , are you still interested in challenging this kind of visual effect ? The colors of these reflections are fascinating.

Hello nasimiasl,

thanks for your time and your help :slight_smile:

Your first 2 Links not looking like the example for me:

The last link is better but even not close to the Example link.
The Shader can even a fake like in Example with some textures.

Hope i one can do that :slight_smile:

hey you need a flat normals obj file for show that in NMe and mix function
** i dont see flat normal parameter in NME
@Snoopy i can make it in ShaderBuilder so easly i share that first


without reflection and any sampler texture


advance version

Hello Nasimiasl,

you are a good boy with helping. Can you rebuild the example with the same Tetxtures so i can make then some changes to this? Let me know your price for that in private message.