Diffuse map, different effects on different models?

jpg %7B1B0D7C91-394A-4EA6-94EF-F83879C7F4D8%7D_20191011102406 %7BC0015E78-800E-4B1E-949E-C3FD410D8598%7D_20191011102501 %7B969CA768-14A5-442B-ADAC-2338B2084A40%7D_20191011100252


I used the same image to diffuse the model, but the result was different, and I also applied normal map, and found that some models would turn black.Excuse me, what is the problem?

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Hello can you repro in the Playground?

Thank you, I think I know the reason, it’s uv, there’s no uv in the mannquin, the texture can’t be mapped, it’s just a little bit of color, I’m facing the human body in blender, the mannquin is unrolled uv, it’s ready to be pasted

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