Disable default guitextpoptions

Hi, I am trying to override the default optionsGUIText to add my own CSS properties. However, some of the properties will not override. Is there a way to disable the default completely? TIA.


What framework are you referring to? We don’t have any optionsGUIText in babylon.js, but you might be referring to a UI framework that uses babylon under the hood

Sorry, my bad. I’m referring to using the CASTORGUI in babylonJS. Let me know if this forum is not the place for CASTORGUI. I’m a newbie here.

CastorGUI is developed by @Dad72 , I am sure he can help :slight_smile:

Thanks @RaananW .
@Dad72 I did change the properties in the CASTORGUI.js file, my followup question is how do i add an attribute to a text element. I’m trying to do via the file itself but i get the error as: BJS - [11:07:39]: Error running tasks-done callback.

I figured it out!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for my late response. Glad you found the solution.

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