Disabling PointerDragBehavior movement inertia

I am trying implement an interactive 3D application where the user can grab a virtual handle in the 3D scene and modify a scene by moving this virtual handle. I have everything up and running here but I noticed that there is some visual lag between my data model change and the movement of the handle. BUT the movement of the handle is lagging, my data model is actually updated faster. I guess this is due to some “movement inertia” in the PointerDragBehavior, however, I did not find anything in the docs about such a behaviour and how to disable it. See the attached playground: I modified the sample of the PointerDragBehavior to show 2 spheres: The lower one is the dragable one while the upper one’s position is controlled by the PointerDragBehavior. Notice that when you grab the lower sphere, the upper sphere actually follows the mouse while the lower sphere is lagging behind.

How to get rid of this behaviour?


Best regards.

pointerDragBehavior.dragDeltaRatio = 1.0;
seem to be what I am looking for.