Display a plane with a loaded texture to fill screen with UniversalCamera

I am loading a png file as a texture on a plane to simply display it as a 2D image.
Now I would like to be able to display the image at maximum 100% resolution or, if that would exceed the visible area, zoomed to fill this area.
I guess I’d have to tweak the Camera zoom vector and the the size parameters of the mesh according to the texture size i am getting in the onLoadObservable

tex.onLoadObservable.add(loadedTExture => {
		let size = loadedTExture.getSize();
                //do some adjustments

what I do not understand really is how to deal with the different units with getSize giving me pixels but the Vector3 being something else.

Maybe someone can push me gently towards the chasm of knowledge that holds this information? :slight_smile:

Not sure what you are trying to achieve but in your case the gui might be easier to leverage ???

Well, the project was an interactive 3D display of gltf models with the ability for the user to create markers with labels on the model surface displaying detail information. Also the ability to zoom and to rotate.
Now the client would like to add 2D images like documents scans as well. These have to follow the classic zoom and / pan display usually used for this content.
Since I already had developed the whole interactive part of creating markers and labels I had though I use the same system to also display the 2D images.
I will look into the GUI to see if that can be done there as well while still using the marker / label overlay.
I was under the impression, that the GUI elements are not zoomable?