Documentation inheritance bugs

Indicates it inherits this function from PhotoDome which isn’t even part of the class hierarchy.
I’ve seen this sort of bug in multiple places but I haven’t kept track of them all because I assume this is some sort of bug in the automation that generates these pages. I can post more as I come across if that would help.


Yes, I also found some. Even more weird, some classes keep this ‘inheritated from’ for their own class (like they would inherit from self, LOL :wink:)

cc @RaananW who will probably be able to fix it soon :slight_smile: Something is indeed really strange

There is an open PR to fix it already, but it involves updating tsdoc and the entire structure of the documentation, which has a few consequences we are still trying to address.

Update TypeDoc version (DO NOT MERGE) by RaananW · Pull Request #572 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

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