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I want to use a shadow material, but I have four lights in the scene and I want to show four shadows. Currently I’m planning to use four floor overlays, each with a light source assigned to each floor, but I’ve tried materials and floors and can’t find this property (includedOnlyMesheslight). where is it? Or is there any other better solution?

There is a problem with your browser’s rendering of the page. The documentation should read

Also when you have created a playground please post a link to the playground rather than an image of it.


A nice way to say ‘I’ve never seen such an imbrication of nonsense code in a single line of code:wink:
At this point, it’s nearly a work of art, I should say :grin:
@wangyu1512cn Don’t get me wrong, We ALL so often don’t the faen know what we are doing :dizzy_face: that sometimes, we just need a good laugh :laughing: I hope you understand and will forgive me for this :pleading_face: :pray:

I would like to add produced by an incorrect rendering of the documentation and reproducing it in code would be the expected thing to do and is NOT an indication of a lack of understanding on the part of @wangyu1512cn

Oh, apologies. I thought it was a joke. This is really odd.

Since I’ve recently started learning BABLONJS, it’s not clear how to send links. let me try. . .

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emmmm, my behavior does look weird, but that’s okay. I’m a beginner and hopefully I can catch up with you soon. :rofl:

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Just copy the playground address and paste into your post.

It wasn’t you. It seems like it really was the doc. And I’m sure you’ll catch up soon (not as if it would be a real challenge :wink: Meanwhile, have a great day.

If I’m not mistaken @RaananW has fixed some issues with the docs generation right?

sure, the doc page is building correctly.