Does the name "Babylon" have a deeper meaning?

I’m working with Yii (, which means “Yes, it is!” for all questions about the framework. e.g. “Is it fast?” -“Yes, it is!”, “Is it safe?” -“Yes, it is!”…

Or F3 stands for Fett Free Framework (Fat-Free Framework for PHP).

What does “Babylon” stand for and why was this name used?
According to Wikipedia Babylon was the capital of Babylon, one of the most important cities of antiquity… The Akkadian name of Babylon is … DINGIR: “God’s Gate”. Babylon – Wikipedia

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look babylon 5 :wink:

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I see. :smiley:

I grew up with spaceship Enterprise.

Mr. Spock was, is and always will be: my tutor for logic.


Hi guys.

It gets even “deeper” with a little more research.

Vorlon Empire/Race

(Notice who is the first contributor to that project?)

Yep, DK (Deltakosh) is a serious B-5 fan. If you ever want “first attention” when you need a BJS question answered by Deltakosh, just put a Babylon-5 term/word… in the title of the post. (don’t let that secret be known - outside of this thread) :smiley:

Further? Ok. Delta-kosh is a Naranek-level Kosh, and is a member of the “Delta Wing” (the Ghost Riders).

The release of BabylonJS v5… will be THE biggest release of ANY, and the release party may last… up to a year or more. :slight_smile:

Give DK a nice pile of Babylon-5 public domain models from the show… and he’ll let you live in his basement for the rest of your life. heh.



Wow, that’s DEEP.

@Necips you’re really on to something. Every name has a reason. I’ve never even heard of Babylon-5.

@Wingnut when did you learn of all this? That’s very impressive on how deep it was taken.

I have no more info on the topic. I was just surprised at how neat this was.

don’t forget about the kosh!

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Years ago… Deltakosh told me… when I asked the same questions. :slight_smile:

I think I once heard… that B-5 used Amiga’s to do 3d rendering in the beginning. Fascinating. Genlock!

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Exactly:) And Commodore Amiga was really where I learnt to code and how to simulate 3d. Hence my need to celebrate BabylonV as its sfx were entirely done with a handful of Amigas:)



Amiga love… I thought I was the only one to get the B5 connection, but I always wanted the name Galen on the forum. I’m glad someone asked.

I still have the entire series on a DVR somewhere. I also have a brand new B5 deluxe board strategy game. If I can find it, I might send it your way.


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Is that dbawel… hiding behind that Foster-Grant cloak? New “Galen” name? Coooool. Hi @Galen/DB! Good to see you!

For those who don’t know David “Galen” Bawel, HE, TOO… is involved in motion pictures.

Superstars all over hell!

I heard that he has some Hollywood contacts… that call him… whenever the hero doesn’t get the girl… at the end of a movie. Galen gets the girl FOR the hero… you know… out of kindness. :open_mouth:

Although I had an Amiga 500, I just played games on it. Before that, I did some c-64 machine language (6510) (mostly stealing/hacking cracking-screens).

Before that… I programmed Uni-Blabs for Spacely’s Sprockets. I also did some Fisher-Price work when I was REAL young.

MUCH later in life, I tried some bad comedy on another person’s thread. :slight_smile:

Ever notice that… in 3D terrains… plains are planes? Weird. And don’t even THINK about flying plain planes over the plane plains. (erf)

Did ya know mesh are more successful at dating… than particles? Yep, mesh are less ‘particular’.

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Babylon 5
B5 Rocked for it’s time, it’s story even now could do for quite the sci-fi remake. The elder races, the war between the Vorlons and the Shadows, I loved the story. And the actor Bruce Boxleitner aka John Sheridan with his speeches is right up there with Picards, often reminds me of the guy in Independence day 1 giving that speech before the end just better :stuck_out_tongue: (Bill Pullman).

I re-bought them all on Amazon Prime.

One of my favourite scenes: YouTube

RE: Frameworks (yii, cake, codeigniter, laravel, symfony etc)
Personally I’m more of a fan of frameworks which stay closer to the classic MVC and that do not try to re-write the php language with it’s own commands or rely on too much cli usage to get them to do anything. So I will mostly always go with an MVC PHP framework that I wrote for internal use, which is based on codeigniter, symfony and laravel, just much faster, lighter and no fighting with the framework to do things in the frameworks way but only the MVC way. However I will use laravel and symfony if I have to :stuck_out_tongue:

A legend of a machine, it was used to render graphics for the ITV Chart Show and Babylon 5, on a couple of Amiga 4000’s I think it was. For programming I was into north c and some game maker language which I can’t remember. For 3D I was using a copy of lightwave that I got on some magazine but I was mostly into music / song production (sample based) on the Amiga as well as a lot of gaming :wink:

Best games for me were (no specific order): -

  • Xenon 2 Megablast
  • Speedball 2
  • Gods
  • Cybernoid
  • PaperBoy
  • BombJack
  • R-Type
  • Project X
  • Zool
  • Newzealand Story
  • Starglider 1 & 2
  • Killing game show
  • Shadow of the beast

For Amiga game music it was: (I can only link 2 links in posts due to forum limit), so here is only 1

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OMG!! memories… I used to play that game all the day long :smiley: Bitmap Brothers, Psygnosis, Team 17: they were all legendary developers to me

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Legendary games :slight_smile:

Shadow of the Beast (remix)

Gods (Bitmap Brothers) (remix)


Gods (Original ripped from the game)

And Shadow of the Beast’s death scene was OMFG for it’s time :wink:


@Wingnut yup that is dbawel.

The name Babylon is a Bible metaphor for an evil and wicked nation mentioned many time in the Bible.

It’s both a literal nation that conquered Israel in 606 BC, and it’s a metaphor for an end-time nation that:

  • broke away from it’s motherland
  • has many peoples living in it
  • its defenses go up to the sky
  • its very prosperous, makes a lot of things
  • has incredible food and pastries
  • the great men of the earth live there
  • has deep water sea ports
  • Is destroyed in Revelation 18

It’s … (drum roll please) … the USA!

If you don’t believe me, for starters, punch up “babylon, NY” in Google Maps

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An over the air channel “Comet”, shows 10 episodes in a row on Weds @ 6pm. I just scrolled past on antenna.