DumpFrameBuffer rendering black on mobile device

So I’m having a bit of an issue with images created with DumpFrameBuffer appearing black on my mobile device. I’m using an original Pixel XL, but I’m pretty confident this happens on the newest iPad as well.

I’m having issues with aliasing similar to the glasses in the example below. As proposed in a previous forum post where I found said glass model, using PassPostProcess to super sample the output works well in my case. Except, when trying to create a screen capture at 1920x1080, it seems to be giving me that black output.

Is this a device limitation due to the device not being able to handle the increased framebuffer size? Is there anything I can do to work around this?



That could be a bug / limitation of mobile devices.

Did you tried using screenshot functions? Render a Scene to a PNG - Babylon.js Documentation

Also do you repro with the PG you linked?

So I’ve tried all the screenshot functions (which was what the PG was initially for, but has them commented out), but I started exclusively using DumpFrameBuffer because it didn’t have limitation of using a single camera in multiview situations.

The issue can be reproduced on the PG I included. The top view is using super sampling, and the bottom view is not. It’s set to take an image at 1920x1080 and then open it in a new window. If you load it on mobile/tablet, you’ll see that top half has no mesh, while the bottom does. If you open it on desktop, you’ll notice both render.

Yes the supersampling is the issue here and that’s why you should use createScreenshotWithRenderTarget