Dynamic size mesh

Is there a way to dynamically change the size of a mesh based off another mesh? For example, if I have a character with a hat, is there a way to reuse the character’s hat on another character and making sure that it fits?

A scalar or factor variable?

decide which one represents 1 unit then figure out what the other ones size is in relation to that 1 unit. Then scale everything accordingly to the correct ratio.

Thanks for the information. Can you explain more on what you mean by deciding which one represents one unit?

Which one is one unit in your setup? The actor, or the hat, or neither?

You decide what 1 unit is, so is one unit 10 BJS units? Then is a BJS Unit a meter or a foot or an inch etc.

I would go with something easy, 1 BJS unit = 2 meters, actor = 1 BJS unit in height.

another way would be to just make sure its scaled correctly on your actor when you import it, then when you attach it to the actor just make it a child of it and when you scale the actor the hat will to!

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I usually take 1 unit = 1 meter and relying on GLTF/B which are know to be in the same scale makes everything easier.

Then your hat could even be a real scaled version of a hat and fit the avatar of the person it would in real life.

The fun part is you could then play with the hat scale to fit other body shapes.

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