Easy way to listen for "Zoom started" and "Zoom ended"?

I am looking for an easy way to listen when a zoom has started and when it has ended. I am not interested in the intermediate values. There is no such event in the scene.onPointerObservable. The event is POINTERWHEEL which gives any event from the mouse. I guess I just have to wait for a couple of mills for such an event to stop occurring and then consider the zoom to have finished.

Is there a better way to do it?


You can actually use onPointerObervable o it. It will report wheel as well:)

It will, but it reports like 30-40 events, I need just the start and the end.

This could be filtered on your side with a timer I guess. The observable is reporting all event sent by the system and there is no such a thing as wheelstart:(

Thanks. That’s exactly something I am thinking about. To have a timer to understand when the user has stopped zooming. And here I needed some research and reasoning. What do we consider a “zoom stop” How long should we wait for an event not to occur before we consider that the zoom has stopped. Is it 200, 300 ms. Does it matter.

Nevertheless, thanks. I will probably just have a timer for 300 ms initially. Seems like a nice number. Then I will measure with a few users and see how it goes.

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