Edit Control wont pick in fullscreen?

@satguru I am struggling to get the Edit Control to work when engine.enterPointerlock() is on.

I was going to make it so when the engine is in pointerlock to have the hit always test the center point of the canvas instead of the pointers position because they might not be the same. But it looks like you are only serving a min version of the script and I dont feel like doing my own build. Could you be so kind as to fix this bug or point me in the right direction?

I actually could not wait and did my own build.

Would you like me to do a PR?

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I did not understand your use case or the issue you are facing.
But yes, go ahead and do a PR. That might help me understand your issue

Reviewed your PR.
I now get what you were were trying to do.
Have merged your changes.
Added your change here too

Works nicely with the FlyCamera. A bit jerky with FreeCamera.
Are you planning to use this with VR camera?

Anyway, will publish to NPM sometime this weekend.
Like you pointed out I currently only provide a min version.
Would like to add a max version too.

Thanks for the fix.

I also ended up addeding getters for snap values. I won’t push that one but you might consider adding them yourself.

Published your fix to github and npm.

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