Editor workflow

We try todo a bigger project with the editor but we face some roadblocks.
In the beginning of the project we may start with 5 fulltime Artists and one Programmer. Later that will switch.

But artists arnt really able todo interactive work with the editor and the maya exporter. One of the main issues are lightmaps there is no way to export them and no way to connect and save them in the editor. The editor is also not able to store changes on attributes.

Artists should not have to deal with code if possible. Creating beautiful images in an artist friendly way is not possible at the moment. Its a surprice every time if you reopen your work in the editor, what is saved what is lost.

The Editor should get a higher development priority.


Just to remind you that Editor is a community project led and developed by @julien-moreau.
It is a one man project if you prefer.

For the exporter, to get better traction you should definitely update that issue to mention that what you really look forward are lightmaps.

Also adding @PatrickRyan to see if he has some ideas regarding Lightmaps in Maya

Thanks for the reminder Deltakosh.
In that case you should hire Julien make him the Lead of the Editor Team and add two more developers. :wink:


Hi oglu. : )

aFalcon is Artist who chooses Code as the Medium of the ART.

So ARTIST need not be separate of code. We take opposite approach with good results.

Separating ART from CODE - is not the only choice.

One can also put the ART into the CODE.

That is what we attempt, with good results.

So currently > is possible. : )

We make our own custom editors…continuously.

Not perfect - but able to amass a large number of reusable precision tools.

we try to get deeper into the code - using the playground search and docs.

BABYLON is a fantastic medium for artists. But yes, not carbon on paper - code in web. : )

Hope that helps.

One last NOTE: we found something surprising with EDITORS that we had seen before. There is a PARADOX others will surely find. The OPTIONS it seems… are INFINITE. So it makes workflow possibilities for ALL editors… endless. Right? :grin:
Less infinite inside the code. Reducing complexity constantly and getting closer. Still it appears that endless options exist.
: )

We have a few different editors lying around. I still enjoy Gizmos - recently making Custom Gizmos!

And - someone just yesterday introduced - decompose!

Saw something like a vertex vacuum TOOL the other day…

SO NEED: an EDITOR to INVERT the vacuum cleaner - into a LASER-SCANNER.

Vertices go down y and away vector.

That’s the type of TOOL that can have endless variations.


I would love to as well :slight_smile:

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Still editing myself…

In Blender it is called… inflate and deflate BRUSH. If I’m not mistaken…

… but anyways aFalcon PLANS to BUILD this if it doesn’t already exist.

Will put it in a PG.

Editors are endless - and can be runtime …

And how it is possible to craft art at a lower and lower level medium.

See if you can get ONE really good ARTIST into the code.

Just one! Maybe it helps, or maybe we should all be specialists not generalists. : )

Ok, bye!

I have created this issue: Save ALL deltas between original scene and editor project · Issue #122 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub
I’m filling right now to list all the needed work in order to satisfy the usage of the editor in your team
Don’t hesitate to push ideas in it
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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@oglu it is going well
I’ll share with you a test version so you can test the feature. It would be cool if you can test and report me bugs you encounter while you test
Thanks you! Will share an installer ASAP :slight_smile:


Created an alpha version here: Save ALL deltas between original scene and editor project · Issue #122 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub

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Many thanks i will test it on Monday!

I did a first try. Looks fine. I havnt to much time a deadline is near.

And i have some troubles to get shadows working in the editor.

I turn them on in the light and add all assets to the render list.
Is that the way to go?

Yes it is. Be sure that the meshes you added have “Receive Shadows” checked!
Adding the lines to auto-enable shadows on meshes you added :slight_smile:

For the deltas, I’m having some issues with some GLTF files beucase they have multiple nodes with the same Id. Trying to find a solution right now
Are you working with gltf or .babylon files?

We use babylon files. Im on vacatin for two days. Just in case im not answering.

Hey @oglu
Editor v3.0.0 has been released! Getting Started - Babylon.js Documentation
I fixed some found bugs about deltas the last days. Don’t hesitate if you encounter other bugs, I’ll fix them ASAP!
Thanks for you feedbacks :slight_smile: