Error in BabylonJS Guide Playground

This isn’t a bug in the program, but I don’t know where else to post this. On this gamelet page it is throwing an error “Earcut is not defined” when you run a playground. This comes up for most of the links provided on the page.

Thought someone might want to fix that. Thanks!

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Thanks for reporting! is someone’s initiative which is not related in any ways with the main Babylon repository. I believe that one may raise an issue here - GitHub - BabylonJSGuide/ Alternative documentation for BabylonJS
Please let us know if the same pages in the official Babylon documentation also throw errors for you.
Here is the link:
Developing Build a House from Plans | Babylon.js Documentation

I’m sorry, I have far too many Babylon reference docs open. I should have checked the URL.

Thank you for the official link, it works great in that Playground.

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Thanks anyway!
It is always better to report a bug than do nothing :slight_smile:
If it is possible, could you please mark my answer as solution to close the thread.