Error on loading models

Hi, folks
I was getting a wired error when using the scene loader loading model on mobile. I was using the same method SceneLoader.importMesh to load the model and everything is fine on the desktop. But on mobile, I got the error

BJS - [12:43:50]: Unable to import meshes from somepath/mesh.gltf: Cannot read property 'forceBitmapOverHTMLImageElement' of undefined

searched on google seems no luck on any issue about this. The only thing we found that might be related is in here Babylon.js/thinEngine.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub. Any idea what causes this issue? Thanks in advance!!

Can you share a repro somewhere?

not really for now, I can try to create one later, another info might help we are trying to add the model into a WebXR(using the immersive AR setting) scene not sure if it has some impact

Just want to make sure not the model problem tried with, it works fine on PG but reports the same error in our repo.
This is the code I tried
SceneLoader.ImportMesh('', '', 'aerobatic_plane.glb', scene, async (meshes) => {})

The error I got:
BJS - [15:04:26]: Unable to import meshes from Cannot read property 'forceBitmapOverHTMLImageElement' of undefined

another one to add, it randomly loads the model correctly but only like 2 out of 10,

False alarm, sorry. This was being caused by a smaller Babylon scene not being wired correctly yet for mobile and erroring out like below ( it was not finding its canvas )

Though I don’t get how this was not affecting our main scene before going to AR. Could be some kind of bug there but alls well that ends well.

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