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I have used the « *May be one day » formula for all of my life. For Arts, since I was 10. The truth is, I never could make a decision on which Art to choose and I’m still unable to make this choice today. I believe I must have been granted, initially, some sort of ’sense’ and ‘feeling’ for all Arts. So of course, being nothing more than a regular human, I decided to study Banking and Accounting!? Of course, I hated it (no shit;). Got my diploma on the very fine edge without any form of implication and an already high level of disgust), immediately switched to Marketing and… I hated it. Was next called into the newborn digital arts for the printing industry, because of my skills and inclination to use computer arts, and… I loved it. And in the end, spent 15 years on it.

But at this time, I also realized that a ‘graphic designer’ or a ‘digital designer’ or ‘art- or creative director in digital arts) does not make ‘Art’. That’s the first thing I also immediately started to tell the novices once I became ‘Head of graphic design’: Here, we make #Commerce and #Com; We do not make Art.

But then, I also realized that with this BG and this role, and with a sense and a basic to intermediate knowledge of all or most Arts, you can actually ‘express yourself’ quite a little - Well, you would just need to remove the dimension of ‘yourself’:wink: You are dedicated and you will have to do within the scope of #Commerce and #Com and within the limits of the best form of expression for your client’s #Culture.
Pros and Cons; We all need to weigh’em out and choose/select a path. At least for a time.
So, Yes, as I say ‘May,be one day’ ( in my next life), I will choose to become… an Artist.

Note 1: I believe I am (one of the good guys), or at least I’m trying to. And it’s not always easy, is it?
Note 2: I didn’t notice the ‘ban’ part. I simply accounted your request. What would we be if we wouldn’t do just that (without further questions)? I’m also sorry if my writing (objective and neutral as can be) somehow triggered something in you. I might not always select the best words and english is also not my language. We have to be very careful with words these days, don’t we?

Have a beautiful day,

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What’s that little project?

Create a dynamic menu structure. You can drag the planes. Didn’t find out to hold the guys in a fixed z position… :slight_smile:


light.intensity = 0.5 + Math.random() * 0.05;

Simulating a candle light.

In addition to light intensity changes to simulate the illusion of ambient lighting it is possible to use slight color changes (in a given color range) in all your lights in the scene.

you mean like the color changing in this example?

Do you have an example at hand in this moment. It’s curently not important to have.

Here is what I found interesting - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#JLD8EV#1


I can’t find an example about camera slowly moving when user just move its mouse, like in the Wall Game demo

I tried something here but I’m far from success and don’t get what maths are needed…

here you go!


So cool, thanks! :love_you_gesture:t5:

Example of Asset container switching with animations onAnimationEnd - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1GMTDN#11
Nice for different effects.

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‘See through’ shader with NME.
Originial tweet:

Playground :





This maybe be useful, for example, to hide the water shader inside a floating boat, right?

yes, or hide geometry in front of the character for platform games.


Low-poly waves



3 camera multiviews fun - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SVZL1I#65


Tree Generator

Does someone knows a method to create a volume out of a point cloud?

Found delaunay triangulation to solve this problem:

This library could be helpful…


I have used earcut to triangulate an obj quad mesh, it’s not perfect as it’s still missing some indices. This only happens on larger mesh. I guess if I chunk them, I will solve that problem. But here’s a Delaunay implementation with threejs