Export product with Environ Coordinates

. I want to model a circular product (clock) and I want to put a wood texture on it. If I check Texture the material is not seen ok, and if I check Environ in coordinates everything is ok. When I try to use Babylon exporter in .gltf it is exported with Texture mode, not Environ. What can I do?

GLTF only supports texture coordinates from what I know.

I am totally unsure what the difference is but let me add @Guillaume_Pelletier who is taking care of our exporters ?

in the coordinate rollout, you can specify wether the map will be a texture map OR an environement map. The Environ Option creates an environement map, which often shows up on the object as reflection.
Environement map is not a mode supported by GLTF (as far i know). The exporter do not process this mode.
So if you want to apply a texture on your clock you have to use the texture option and re-work your texture or UV modifier accordingly

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