Falloff mouse drag

Hi there, I’m working on a project where we would like to setup some camerapositions for viewers so they can be guided towards certain views.

We would like to give viewers a bit of freedom there, but also not to much.
That’s why I’d like the camera to be able to be dragged, away from the original position. But the further you drag away the less your mouse movement has impact, so some kind of falloff.

When you release the camera position should ease back to the original position. Right away or after a certain period of time.
So some kind of elastic-band feel to the mouse movement which returns to the original position.

I hope this makes sense :wink:

Can you be a bit more precise (or provide a playground). You are speaking about camera(s) and viewer(s). How many cameras and viewers? Do you want the controls for the camera/viewer to slowly ‘degrade’ while you point to the other viewer? This part is not very clear for me. May be you could provide us with a visual/schematic or a basic PG (similar to your scenario)?

Basically this is what I’m after, but then in 3D with the focus on a targetpoint.
The falloff intensity of the mouse is maybe less important, because I noticed it’s lineair here as well.

I will try to make an illustration in 3d tomorrow

Ok, so this is what I meant, have a look at the screen recording and sketch please…

Please let me know if anything is still unclear.
Thanks in advance!