Faulty Camera Script

Please check this https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#X4FPH2#6
in iphone 6s I am not able to see the camera feed on my screen, I am getting coloured lines and in android too the camera feed is blurry.
Other thing As i have used the deviceorientation camera in script it is behaving right in Android but in iOS it is not working. Please help me out If I am missing out something.

Your PG is also broken for me on Desktop with Chrome but it works with Firefox! If you set vScale = 1 instead of -1 it does work in Chrome too, but the picture is Y inverted. I could not find a way to flip the texture used by the layer (setting layer.scale.y = -1 does not work neither)…

Applying the texture to a plane does work in both browsers as you can rotate the plane: