Find origin of code sample

Hi all,

I found somewhere a sample of some code from an automatically generated file. I have no idea which program was used to write the code and was hoping someone would know.

The code

model /models/2022 Lemonade_Stand.obj

pos 245613.822534 3882662.126310
scale 0.503488 0.503488 0.503488
rotation 125.049209
height -0.127827
hole 0
hole 1
hole 2
hole 3
hole 4
hole 5
hole 6
hole 7
hole 8
hole 9
hole 10
hole 11
hole 12
hole 13
hole 14
hole 15
hole 16
hole 17
hole 18

The babylon file can be downloaded from Because the file used a babylon-file, I tried this forum fyi

The file needs the following PNGs

Does anyone knows which program was used for the code?

Hello :slight_smile: If you open the file in a text editor you can see this is the first line:

The “producer” refers to the program that, well, produced the file. In this case is Blender, using the exporter plugin: Blender to Babylon.js exporter | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Thanks, I noticed the same indeed. But I was wondering which program produced the log. I said code but log is more appropriate I guess.

Ooooh, now I see. That might have been the exporter too, @JCPalmer would know

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The exporter can produce 4 kinds of files:

  • .babylon
  • .log
  • .manafest
  • .csv

The contents from the first post was NOT produced by the exporter. The “look” for the log file has been similar to this, even back in the Blender 2.79 era.

Exporter version: 3.3.0, Blender version: 3.3.0 Alpha
========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js =========
	Scene settings used :
		Inline textures     :  false
		Material Type       :  PBR
		Positions Precision :  4
		Normals Precision   :  3
		UVs Precision       :  3
		Vert Color Precision:  3
		Mat Weight Precision:  2
. . .