Flek [html5 casual game]

Hello everyone :smiley:

Casual games never seem to satisfy me, I always wanted more challenges. Then I said why not, why not make one of my own to finally satisfy my hunger for the addictive and nerve-racking swipe-left swipe-right game. Ever heard the story of a dung beetle. Well here is a catch! gather as much dungs lying on the ground and dump them into the cave before timeout, avoid the red dung beetle, bad news! But you can sneak up and collect dungs behind it and it can sneak up and collect dungs behind, so strategize!! Game is low poly and optimized for mobile! Lemme know what you think

cheers wavy



Woot!!! What fun! @waverider404! Nice work! Generally I hear you about “casual games” not being satisfying, but after someone stole all my “dungs” I got a big smile on my face!

Any objection to me adding this to the community demos page on the Babylon website?

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i’m glad you enjoyed the game, that’ll be awesome to be featured on the page! thanks!!!

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This is awesomeeeeeee!!!

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