Flickering on a 3D curve

Hi guys!

I’m new to BabylonJS and I’m currently facing an issue for which I haven’t found a solution yet.

Here’s the demo: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#8842KT#8

I’m trying to draw a 3D curve, specifically a spiral, which should be relatively thin (but not extremely thin like a strand of hair). To achieve this, I’m using a tube, and overall, it looks great to me. However, there is an annoying flickering effect that is most noticeable at the left and right sides of the spiral, but can be seen throughout if you look closely.

I’ve been unable to find a way to eliminate this effect or at least reduce it. Is it possible to achieve a consistently illuminated surface in this case, considering the wide variation in color and angle of lighting?

Welcome~ https://playground.babylonjs.com/#8842KT#11


Oh, wow! Thank you, Musk! That’s much better!

I’ve noticed that there is still some flickering present, especially when using higher fov values, like in this example: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#8842KT#12.

Is there any additional method or technique that could further reduce the flickering?HardwareScalingLevel helps to some extent, but it makes the camera rotation less smooth.

Maybe this post can help you with anti-aliasing thin tubes:

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Yep. HardwareScalingLeve is expensive. I don’t recommend giving it a small value. I think the reason is that maybe its width is really too small. Close to 1 pixel. Maybe someone else has a different good idea.

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Your PDF link is returning 502 HTTP error.

It seems the hosting site is down…

Here’s the link to the original demo: