FPS drops down when colliding with tube

Hey guys, hope everyone’s having a good weekend.

If you check the attached video, you can see me moving at a particular area without any substantial fps drop, but if I move to the other room, which is the same room that has 3 more objects - 2 wall pipes and a “flower”, all made mostly of tubes.

When I move round those (without even colliding), the fps drops about 10, when I collide with those 2 tubes, the fps drops to around 25-30.

Any idea what could cause this?


Just a hunch but you may be colliding with both. Does it drop if you just collide from the side and only one is touched?

Yeah it happens even if I collide with either of them, they are merged together tho.

If you output the time and console the collision you can see what is firing by parsing the time along with message. Half frame rate so it must be doing something extra. Hope that helps. Only other thing I could think was reverse scaling on one of them but if they are merged that wouldn’t be the case.