Free Motion Capture Database!

I was currently listening to

and asked myself if there are free motion caption data in the web… and here we are:

I am curious who will implement the first motions to dude? :slight_smile:

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Here is a guy who used a BVH file with blender plugin to animate a “blue lady” to dance and showed with babylon:

That guy would be @gryff

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@JCPalmer: It goes back a while too Jeff - before you took charge of the Blender exporter? We have been around here a long time :grin:

As for the database - well I use the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) database mostly for reasons I outline below.

To use BVH with Blender files , I use MakeHuman, Blender and a couple of importers.

  1. MakeHuman I create my base mesh by tweaking the sliders on the MH full mesh or a couple of proxy meshes. The one I like to use is UN1228 mesh as it is lowpoly and has a good mesh structure around the shoulders and crotch area. I then add a rig - the CMU rig as it is optimized to work with the BVH files from CMU (31 bones - but some can be deleted later). I export as an MHX2 file for Blender.

  2. Blender 2.81+ Two add ons allow me to a) import the MHX2 files and b) retarget the BVH files to the CMU rig.

The benefits a) the origins are all in the right place b) the retargeting will handle meshes and rigs of different sizes quite happily. The Kolb database has different “avatars” with different dimensions and an odd master bone.

So here is an example - took about 15 minutes to create - a shorter time than it takes to down load the software and CMU BVH files :

Basketball Click the red cube to start looping the animation

Both the CMU and Kolb BVH files are faster than 30 frames/sec so I use BVHacker to thin the files out. It goes back a long way too - but works in Windows 10.

There are other sources of BVH files - but this is enough for now.

The virus lock down that we are going through somehow destroys my motivation. But it makes me particularly sad when I see armed men storming the Michigan Legislature - not that far from where I live in Canada.

And I saw that the singer John Prine died of the virus. Listening to him again made me think of @Wingnut and the band he has(had?).

Stay Safe Everyone, gryff :slight_smile: