Freelance gig, need experienced programmer for a Scifi Strategy game project

Update: this position is now filled, but feel free to reach out for future opportunities.

Hi Folks!

we are developing a Web3D Scifi strategy game, and we need help to develop some spaceship battle scenes. The starting budget is $10K, we need someone with solid experience, can start working ASAP.


  1. The babylon.js code should load an array of values, representing actions of fleets of both sides, and each of the starships in the fleet should have a HP bar.

  2. Type of supported attacks: laser, missile, and drones

  3. After a ship’s HP drops to 0, it should explode.

sample data format (JSON):

fromSide: 0, // The attack is from our side
fromShipIndex: 0, // The attack comes from the first ship in our fleet
toSide: 1, // The attack is to the enemy’s side
toShipIndex: 1, // The attack targets the second ship in enemy’s fleet
attackType: 0, // 0 - laser, 1 - missile, 2 drones
value: 100 // After the attack the target ship drops 100 points of HP.
}, {

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