Gallery of "unusual" post-processing examples?

is there a gallery of “non-standard” post-processing examples? I’ve seen the wacky matrix example, but it’d be good to see many many others to get an idea about what is possible… (I’m new to post-processing).

Well considering that you can create post processes with the Node Material Editor, theoretically just about anything is possible.

Here’s a very simple post process we made with NME for the 4.2 release:

Here’s some more info on how to use NME to create post process effects:

right right, I know how to do it, but I’m looking for a gallery of great things people have created
threejs has a kind of “medium gallery” (it’s similar-ish to the babylonjs examples)
but now I’m googling around for like a master list of crazy post-processing effects… (“crazy”)

(these are many of the standard methods, but aren’t super wacky: Video post-processing - Wikipedia)

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There’s a playground search wonder if we could make an NME search! :smiley:

All feel free to check out this thread as well as our YouTube channel think there’s some NME videos in there.