GDI Tube - Schema-based videos

I’ve just released a new GDI board for videos (animated scenes).

This demo was created using 3D Ad Creator and is defined by this JSON. It utilizes AI-generated voice-over and imagery. It features a futuristic ad for a fictional ModelZ Hovercraft, which I’ve previously shared here, now displayed within the video player.


As mentioned in the video’s description, I believe schema-based videos are going to become a significant trend in the near future. Unlike regular binary, pre-baked YouTube videos, they can integrate with AI and respond to user input. For instance, in the middle of the video, the character can address the viewer with a question or react to the user's facial expressions through Vision Pro.

The possibilities are truly limitless…


Funny thing that at the end of the video the voice speed is increasing :slight_smile:

The small print :slight_smile: