Getting colors right in loaded files?

Hi all.
Just wondering if there’s a good trick to getting colors right in a loaded file. Check out my file in Cinema4d on left and then BABYLON JS on right. I thought it might be just a matter of lighting… but doesn’t seem like any amount of playing with lighting is going to get it to look like scene on the left. Is there a trick I’m missing?

Playground here:

I just noticed there’s a layer in there called “Sun” … when I toggle it off in C4D, it gets dark - almost like BABYLON JS. Hm, so lighting after all?

Here’s a screenshot with the “Sun” off. Hm, if that’s the case, I wonder how to best replicate a Sun from C4d…

Okay, nevermind! I think this is a matter of lighting… color of lights, etc.

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