Getting control of ::backdrop in mobile immersive AR

I have cooked up a fancy new interaction method intended for mobile VR/AR as on-screen buttons completely shatter the immersion and we can do better. I have the interaction hacked in enough to show promise, but contained in a second canvas that renders on top of Babylon’s and using hooks to avoid recompiling the entire Babylon app every time I make a change.

But, as soon as I go into AR mode ::backdrop completely takes over everything and that second input canvas loses control and gets hidden / deactivated. I rather not merge this input method into the project yet as it is experimental. Also, the input manager and I have never gotten along and this will be a complex integration when its time. Any tips on available black magic to render my input canvas on top of the AR ::backdrop that gets created every time an AR session is initiated?

cc @RaananW but please bear with him as he is on a break until next week

And he deserves every minute of it!

After a bit more searching I was able to answer my own question by using the domOverlayFeature. I don’t know how I missed that last night when searching.

Thanks all.


Great! Glad you could solve it :slight_smile: