Gizmo rotation only on one achse

Now I’ve been running for hours through all kinds of articles about using the GizmoManager.
I would like to be able to rotate the object in the x-axis only. Can someone please give me a hand?

Playground: Babylon.js Playground


Hey, you can use a single plane rotation gizmo for this eg. Use Gizmos (eg. Drag arrow, Bounding box) - Babylon.js Documentation . But if you need to do this with the manager you can try this to detach the xGizmo and scale it so its not visible

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Strange word this “Gizmo”. :slight_smile:

Gizmo (engl. Platzhalterwort, etwa „Ding“, „Dingens“, „Dingsbums“)

Ding: thing
Dingsbums: thingumajig, thingumabob, whatsis


Really good answer!! Liked the hack when using the gizmoManger.
There should be an option to enable/disable each rotation axis while using the gizmoManager, though.