Glossy model imported from Blender

Hey there,
I imported my ‘map’ from Blender using the Blender exporter and I expected to get this:

but instead I got this glossy version of it:

Could anyone please educate me on why?

Adding the famous @JCPalmer our Blender GURU master of the exporter who should be able to help but my guess is that you are not using the correct materials on your models ?

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The default material type export type, PBR. That material type is one which primarily uses an environment texture for lighting. You might change that to standard materials in the export properties for world.

I see you are using a directional light instead. One light is really not going unless it is placed better. Your materials might also are either smooth and possibly also metallic. The easiest materials are ones that use the Principled Node.


Thank you a million!!

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